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Elevator parts
Application Scheme
Passenger Elevator A safe walking elevator to transport passengers
Freight Elevator A freight elevator designed primarily for transporting goods
Medical Elevator Fixed lifting equipment for medical floors
Vehicle Elevator Special elevator for vehicle vertical transport problems
Construction Elevator The elevator is used to carry people and goods
Xuzhou Furein Elevator Parts Co.,Ltd
Xuzhou Furein Elevator parts Co,.LTD. entered in the field of new type of retail industry supply chain service in 2006, which is a innovation-type cross-border e-business supply chain enterprise providing one-stop service.

We concentrate on the integration of advantage resources in cross-border e-business industry, dedicated to the research & development of Escalator and moving sidewalk, design, sales, warehousing, transportation, customs agents, installation, sale, goods and technology and other one-stop supply chain solutions required in new type retail industry. We have insight into the development trend of the industry, and explore the individual requirements of customers with great concentration. We integrate the mission of "let the world fall in love with Made in China" into the enterprise development, to maximize the benefits of the service system, thus wining the approval and praise of the majority of partners.
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